ASUPS Senate: Week in Review


Provided weekly by Senate Chair Katie Handick

Hello campus community! It is that time of the week, your favorite time, and that is the time for the Last Week in Senate update!

This last week, Senate approved the Women in Economics Club. The club leaders came into formal senate and talked about the small presence of female-identifying people within the economics department on campus, and the need for a space focused on support, networking and encouragement, as well as the need to increase the visibility of women pursuing the degree. Look for this club at Club Fest in January and around campus with announcements of their existence as well as upcoming events they will be hosting.

The second item Senate discussed last Thursday was the Campus Animal Control Policy. This policy addresses the regulation of pets, emotional support animals and service animals on campus. ASUPS previously endorsed the policy, but after the policy underwent some changes ASUPS will be voting again to endorse the revisions. The policy needs endorsement from the three governing bodies on campus: ASUPS Senate, Faculty Senate and Staff Senate. This policy would prohibit off-leash dogs on campus in order to respect the service animals on campus that can be distracted by or harmed by unfriendly or untrained off-leash dogs.

In other news, the ASUPS By-Laws revisions are still underway, and further updates on those will be coming in the next few weeks as revisions are voted on. Lastly, I would love to acknowledge this week’s Senator of the Week, freshman Matthew Cooper Parone, At-Large Senator. The enthusiasm he brings to Senate each week continues to blow me away. I look forward to seeing the amazing progress he will make as a senator and as a student through his years to come here.

Find out more about each senator and our coffee hours on the ASUPS Instagram @ASUPSSenate. There will also be occasional senate selfies uploaded. That’s all ‘til next time! Chair out.

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