The Happy Trail

Getting some more bang for your buck: Integrating your Halloween costume into your sex life

By Meghan Rogers

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and as the titian leaves fall in the chilling wind and the ghouls and spirits start to come out, the question rolls around like clockwork: what should I be for Halloween? And, arguably more pressing, how can I make this costume work for my sex life? After all, if you’re putting time and money into your outfit, you want it to provide you with a lil’ somethin’ extra. Luckily for you, The Happy Trail has thought of some fun and flirty ways to help your costume get you more than just candy this Halloween season. Sure, our ideas may be a bit unconventional, but we want our Loggers to stay unique this season, baby.
The Vampire
 If “Twilight” taught us anything, it’s that vampires truly are sex monsters. This is ikely because in most interpretations of their lore, they are portrayed as attractive in orderto more effectively lure in their prey. Biting and blood play are no-brainers, but also vampires are commonly portrayed as being sexually dominating. If you’re used to being more of a sub and want to see what the other side is like, this may be the costume for you.
The Mummy
Why not have a sexy take on an old classic? You can wrap yourself up in long strips of fabric or even drape yourself in toilet paper to show your devil-may-care attitude towards the “conventional” Halloween attire. The connection to the bedroom is easy. Your partner or the lucky person that holds your affections for the night will see you and will likely  immediately want to start stripping away at these extra layers. To amp up this costume’s freak factor, you could even use the strips to tie each other up. Fun for everyone!
A Lab Rat
It’s 2017. The cat costume has been done a million times. Update it with our favorite underrepresented animal friend and add a bit of politics and you have the Lab Rat. Now you can finally put that lab coat from your Scientific Approaches core to good use. Sure, cats get fetishized, but let’s give rats a second in the spotlight! According to the National Fancy Rat Society, rats are social creatures that seek companionship. Sound familiar?  This costume will also give you an opportunity to spread awareness that we need to stop animal testing. Nothing is hotter between the sheets than a cutie who isn’t afraid to speak up about what they believe in.
A Peddler Peddling Their Wares
With this ‘fit, you can really layer up (until you’re ready to layer down with a cutie). Make sure you wear layers of cloaks and sweaters and blankets to stay warm, but also so you can easily shed them and expose all the wares you have been working so hard to carry around all night. Turning this into a flirty game is easy … what would you sell?
Morph Suit
The ambiguity behind the morph suit is hot. You’ll have lots of fun being able to freely express yourself on the dance floor of the Halloween function with complete anonymity. Lots of fun for your partner as well if you’re into roleplaying as strangers or like a little bit of ~mystery~.

These are just some suggestions, but you can pretty much turn any costume into a fun time in the bedroom as long as all parties communicate their interest and are respectful of boundaries. Don’t forget to have fun! If comfortable, establish a safe word before embarking on your ~spooky~ roleplaying journey.