New York Times available at Puget Sound


By Michelle Bank

Collins Library has started a pilot program allowing all students access to New York Times online content. This exciting new program allows students to stay up-to-date on current events. While the library has always been active in expanding access to academic resources, this new program opens up doors for timely and politically important information to be accessed by anyone and everyone within the University of Puget Sound.

“By providing access to the entire campus community in an easy format that can be delivered to your mobile device in a timely manner, it provides opportunities for not only the entire campus community to be up-to-date and current, but also to share commentary, news, opinions, and indepth reporting.” said Library Director Jane Carlin.

This program is free access through the University of Puget Sound, and could become an important asset to have during any discussions and personal understanding of current situations. This new program allows everyone in the University of Puget Sound community, faculty, staff and students alike, to have updates on the news sent directly to their phone, as well as unlimited access to the other online content. This makes content more readily available for academic purposes and simply staying aware.

“I think it’s great that students now have access to a reliable and relatively un-biased news source. It’s so important to remain informed on current events, and the New York Times does a really good job of reporting accurate and important information. I don’t think most people would be reading it otherwise, so it’s great that the university is taking an initiative to keep its students informed.” said junior Emily Walton, who registered for the program.

To register for the program, all you need to do is go to, click “Create Account”, and fill out the required fields from on-campus. If you already have an account with the New York Times, you can simply log in with the link below “Create Account”. After doing this, you can access content anywhere in the world.


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