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“It is imperative that each student-athlete embrace the ideals of cooperation, communication, and teamwork,” head swimming coach Chris Myhre said.

These ideals embody the men’s and women’s swim teams’ incredible ability to work together and work hard, not only for themselves but for their coaches and the greater community of the University of Puget Sound.

Working alongside Myhre are coaches and recruiters are Danielle Gunns, Derek Frenzel and Tracy Wormwood.

“My excitement and optimism [for swim season] have not waned in the last 25 years,” Myhre said.

As one season ends and another season picks up, Myhre loves every minute he spends with the team. His excitement and love of the sport radiates at every practice and every meet and this statement is supported by first-year swimmer Genevieve Cagigas.

This year, the team had the largest amount of new members in the 60-year history of the swim program. Myhre claims that this only made the team “just a little bit more special.” With such a large team, communication and teamwork became all the more important in making a coherent and supportive environment for the swimmers. The team spends countless hours together in the fitness center and in the water which help the veteran members bond with the new members.  Altogether, this strong team dynamic creates an everlasting bond between the swimmers.

Energy is a key component to Logger success. Not only should energy be present at meets, but also during practices. Energy and enthusiasm are what can push an athlete to do their best. Myhre states that energy should not only be physical but mental as well. It is vital to have an energetic mindset because it will help the swimmers sustain through a week’s worth of practice. Enthusiasm is another important factor in success.

When asked if Coach Myhre would have changed anything this season, he claimed “not one thing!” In his opinion, the team this year was special, as with all the teams in the previous years. Myrrh says it’s “difficult to compare one team to another.” This may be because each year, old and new members of the team bring a certain dynamic that allows them to succeed physically and mentally.

Myhre would like to recognize all the seniors on the team: Sam Anders, Auri Clark, Bri Greenwood, Zander Biro, Matt Davis, Matt Goldberg and Kevin Henley.

“They have given this program four years of their time, energy, blood, sweat and tears,” Myhre said.

Myhre would also like these seniors to know that they have given this program and him “four years of joy and memories that will never be forgotten.” These seniors have a special place in Myhre’s heart and were an incredible addition to the swim team. They will be greatly missed by not only the swim coaches, but by the University community that cheered them on at every meet. Congratulations seniors and good luck on your next adventures!

The swimmers head to the Northwest Conference Championships on Feb. 12, 13 and 14.

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