World-renowned sarod player performs, delights



Rajeev Taranath, a world-renowned sarod player, graced the halls of Puget Sound to perform for students and faculty. While the advertisements for the show promised to deliver, the overall performance blew students away.

“My expectations were to be able to witness Indian tradition through its music. In actuality, not only did that happen, but I also learned more about Indian music’s components, its instruments, and the culture itself” Nicky Sekino said.

Taranath was taught to play sarod by the acclaimed Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, who was a National Living Treasure while he was alive. Taranath was also trained in the traditional Hindustani vocal music, and was widely acclaimed as a prodigy because of his accomplishments in the field.

A sarod is a classical stringed instrument of India and a prominent component of Hindustani music. It has a deep sound, and its lack of frets allows musicians to perform slides between notes.

Though Taranath still continues to play traditional instruments, he sets himself apart by his ability to invoke a wide range of emotions into his show as well as the innovative uses of technology and sound that leave his audiences spell bound.

“When Rajeev performed, the music was so entrancing, I didn’t realize an hour had passed without any intermission” Simone Quinanola said.

If any students were not able to attend the show, but are interested in finding out more about Taranath, he has some wonderful videos on YouTube showcasing his music as well as a website,, that give a more though detailing of his life, work and achievements.


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