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Letter to the Editor regarding the UPS3
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Letter to the Editor regarding the UPS3

*Disclaimer: A letter to the editor was submitted to The Trail from a group of faculty, and is printed below. Letters to the editor do not represent the official position of The Trail or of individual staff members, but instead are a way for members of our community to share […]


The strange new world of higher education

By Daryl Auguste Our higher education system is at the tail end of an ominous bubble. The United States has a whopping 3,026 four-year degree-granting universities, with another 1,700 two-year universities. Within the next few decades, a sizeable portion of these institutions will have shuttered their doors for the last […]


An underground secret: the hidden tunnels of Puget Sound

By Madeline Brown Dec 9th, 2016 In the Spring of 1962, Puget Sound began construction on the present day fraternity houses on Union Avenue, located to the west of the main campus. Along with the new men’s housing, an underground dining experience connecting each of the new fraternity buildings was […]


VOX returns to the University

By Aneyceia Brim Dec 6th, 2016 The club has received new leadership after being inactive for months. Monica Dymerski, a second-year transfer student who plans to graduate in 2018 and Leslie Machabee, a first-year student, have been the driving force behind restoring the club. VOX is a national organization targeted […]

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Campus community calls for sanctuary campus

By Aidan Regan Dec 6th, 2016 “We are asking the University to…not be complacent like we were during WWII when our Japanese students were taken from campus and our University did nothing,” Amanda Diaz, a Puget Sound junior, said about the petition to classify Puget Sound as a sanctuary campus. […]