Articles written by: Michael Greenblatt


Bring back Midnight Breakfast!

It was one of our most anticipated and popular, indeed, one of our only, traditions that we have at our school: Midnight Breakfast. Until this year, on the last day of classes every semester, ASUPS would give out free breakfast food to students late at night while bands played, games […]


It’s still too early to predict the presidential race

Looking at the news, it would appear that we are in the midst of a presidential election. But in reality, the next election is one and a half years away, which is an eternity in election politics. We’re barely halfway through Obama’s second term and he’s already being pushed out […]

Highlights / Opinions

University’s research on rats inhumane: usage of rat testing in psychology labs is unethical, cruel

Many readers may be surprised to learn that there is a class in the Psychology Department at the University that conducts animal research. The course—the so-called “rat lab”—partners students with rats in order to understand how learning occurs and behaviors form. Students condition the rats to perform tricks, such as […]


Students share responsibility for campus safety

Security Services is often viewed negatively by students for enforcing the rules on campus, going unnoticed and unthanked for their more important role of keeping us safe. Although many students are unaware of it, Security on our campus is actually very professional. Security Services seeks to ensure that our campus […]


Veganism explained

Veganism is often mocked when it comes up in conversation. By now, many people have heard the joke, “How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” Well, the same could be said about all types of diets, including those that adhere to religious or health […]


Diner encouraged to decrease paper waste: a school that promotes sustainability wastes huge amounts each day

Think of all the waste that could be eliminated if there were no more “to go” containers in the S.U.B. Everyday at the Diner in the S.U.B., hundreds, if not thousands, of paper plates and cups, plastic utensils, and wrappers are thrown away. Instead of opting for reusable dishes, many […]