Articles written by: Ginny Teasley

The Happy Trail

Vive la Spring!

The sun is finally breaking through a dank, dark winter here at Puget Sound, and don’t you all look radiant. All over campus, hair is shining, eyes are twinkling and carefree smiles are breaking out more naturally and more often. The vibe has grown noticeably happier in the past month—not […]

The Happy Trail

Hormonal birth control may affect attraction

It’s quite well-known that female hormonal birth control, particularly oral contraceptives, can often have some undesirable side effects. Mood swings, weight gain, tacky discharge and decreased (or more rarely, increased) libido are all commonly cited concerns. Fortunately, with so many brands of birth control available, many women are able to […]

The Happy Trail

Oxytocin, our minds, and sex

Love is sometimes crazy. Sex is sometimes confusing. However, the disjointed hit-or-miss nature of good and bad in such relationships may actually have a common underlying factor at play: oxytocin. In understanding this neural hormone which has captivated the scientific community in recent decades, we may become more in tune […]