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Music for hearts: Grouper releases new album Ruins

    Under the alias “Grouper,” musician and artist Liz Harris has been making eerie and mysterious solo records since 2005. Last Friday saw the release of Grouper’s newest album, Ruins, a tender and sprawling masterpiece dedicated to the past that successfully encapsulates the memories and history of memory and history themselves. As ambient music, Grouper records have always toyed cautiously with varying levels of self-exposure, an approach/retreat cycle often mediated by Harris’ application of reverb. But, over time, Harris has maintained a trend of gradually unveiling the swirling and...
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Gender gap extends to politics

Men dominate politics. Currently women make up only 18.5 percent of Congress. Similarly, women only hold 24.2 percent of state legislature positions, with 20 in the Senate. Clearly, it seems odd that women make up roughly half the population, but only one-fifth of our Senate. Oh, and we still have not had a woman be our Commander in Chief. In the past century, our nation has made some progress. Today, it is no longer revolutionary when a woman runs for office. It is wonderful that we now have openly gay...
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Tennessee band Apache Relay brings Americana to Washington

  If you haven’t already heard, Tennessee has a new queen, and her name is Katie. At least, that’s what The Apache Relay sings in the title song off their newest album Katie Queen of Tennessee, which debuted April 22 of this year. And that’s only one of the great songs they’ll perform during their upcoming tour. Katie opens with a solo violin, which leads into a fusion of pop, rock, and indie rock elements. It is a layered song that both complements and defies the band’s original folk and...

Residence Life alcohol policy is counterproductive, creates more problems than solutions

by CLARA BROWN Last fall, a student was talking with his RA in the hallway, and invited the RA into his room to continue the conversation and hang out for a bit. At some point during their conversation, the RA spotted an empty case of Rainier next to his fridge, and she wrote him up. It was the first week of school, and she felt she had to establish herself as an authority figure in order to instill the message that drinking in a residence hall is not acceptable behavior....
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