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My Brightest Diamond blends styles in new album

  If there really is a genuinely original way to get people to take notice of your forthcoming album, incorporating a full marching band into the headline single might just be it. Shara Worden, under the alias of her opera-pop music project My Brightest Diamond, did just that. September saw the release of My Brightest Diamond’s newest album, This Is My Hand, a clatteringly powerful and sweeping tour de force. And it just so happens that the lead single “Pressure” begins with a catalyzing drumline against which Worden’s spiraling vocals...

CHWS needs to expand services: Office is too small to accomodate

Imagine that you’re sick with cold symptoms, and you’ve waited a few days to be seen by health professional in Counseling, Health and Wellness Services (CHWS). You sit in the cramped waiting room alongside other sick students, all of whom have also had to wait for an appointment.You’re in tight quarters among other people coughing and sniffling. After being seen by the nurse or one of the Physician Assistants, you notice several more students in the waiting area and the towering stacks of medical records behind the receptionist’s desk. The...
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Community shares concerns on sexual assault reporting policies in second Speak Up! forum

While sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment have always been a part of the conversations on college campuses (sometimes in good ways and sometimes not), this year there has been a venerable explosion of coverage around the nation on this topic. Not to be left out of the conversation, Puget Sound students have taken up the call and have been asking, demanding, and shining the spotlight on these issues and what the campus has been doing or not doing. The culmination of these conversations were the Speak Up! forums. These talks...
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School over-waters grass; sticks it to Californians

As California’s drought worsens, Puget Sound has decided to take action in response to the severity of the environmental disaster. Unfortunately for California, the University has decided to gloat their abundance of the precious resource, instead of instituting any beneficial measures toward conservation. Students may have noticed the first step in the school’s boasting began with the abuse of the sprinkler system-- often irrigating the lawns while it is already raining in order to display their dominance over California. Most believe the source of this behavior stems from the large...
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Chadwick Stokes teases The Horse Comanche with song release

  Chadwick Stokes isn’t your everyday musician. He’s the kind of musician who hops freight trains across the United States, who fronts two different bands, and who opens for a protest concert with Rage Against the Machine just down the street from a major national political convention.     There are a lot of musicians out there. But there are musicians, and then there is Chadwick Stokes. The frontman of two bands, Dispatch and State Radio, Stokes and his remarkable career prove that he isn’t just a run-of-the-mill musician. He’s...

Students Question: How is Puget Sound using our money?

The University’s endowment is invested in a variety of ways in order to support current and future operations. Some students, however, are calling for the University to reevaluate and be more transparent about where exactly it invests its money. As of Sept. 30, 2014, the endowment was estimated at $314 million. Puget Sound has 550 different endowment funds, which are subject to donor restrictions, such as being for a particular scholarship or Board of Trustee designations. According to the 2013 Financial Report, 99 percent of these endowment funds are pooled...
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