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West Coast talents featured at the Blue Mouse

The Blue Mouse Theatre on Proctor hosted an informal music festival on April 11 of three talented musical groups, each of whom showed off their unique styles through a variety of musical genres and pieces. The first act, What She Said, introduced themselves as Puget Sound’s “only all-women a cappella group.” What She Said’s first [...]

Paul Fritt’s organ-building celebrated April 27

A free concert honoring the achievement of Paul Fritts ’73 will be held Sunday, April 27 at 2 p.m. in Kilworth Memorial Chapel. Fritts earned the “Outstanding Music Alumnus” award in 2013 for his work in organ-building and design. Accomplished university organist Joseph Adam will perform the concert. The Twenty-third Annual Bethel Schneebeck Organ Recital [...]

Student musician Malcolm Colbert to release EP in May

Student musician Malcolm Colbert to release EP in May

Senior communication studies major Malcolm Colbert has always had a passion for music, but he also has a clear and closely guarded talent for making it. This semester he and Alex Lunt-friend, manager, promoter and partner-come to the end of a long road: They will be releasing the EP Evergreens, Malcolm’s first non mixtape collection, [...]

Children of Bodom at Seattle’s El Corazon

The doors to the concert opened at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Already the line stretched around the building and across the street, full of people young and old from all over Washington. Slowly, the line moved as people entered El Corazon, in downtown Seattle. The venue was small and even before the first [...]

What are students listening to these days?

By MELANIE MAZZA   In the library, Oppenheimer Café or Diversions Café, Loggers are loyally plugged into their headphones. It is a well-known fact that our campus is a music-loving one, but did you ever wonder what kind of music everyone is really listening to? If so, this might give you an idea. Senior Alli [...]

Thom Yorke and the Radio Heads return

Thom Yorke and the Radio Heads return

He’s back with another bangin’ album, that Tim Pork is, only this time it’s even more country than ever! YEEEEEEE-HAW! The new album, titled Pueblo Sugar, is a remastering of an old Canadian classic album. This time the artist brings in more modern influences, such as analog harmonica improvisations and rustic old-timey polka music. Released [...]

Theta’s Rock the CASA tonight

By MEGAN EVANS   Tonight, Kappa Alpha Theta is hosting their first “Rock the CASA” event. Seven bands will compete in a variety of categories, some determined by judges while others will be determined by the audience. Five of the bands-Harshmellow, Young Ones, Rhinoceros Rex, Heart Strings and The Harlequins-include students from Puget Sound. The [...]

Puget Sound’s Symphony Orchestra “Lucky 13” Concert

By SABINE GLOCKER   The time for another fantastic University of Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra concert is now. Inspired by the year 2013 and titled Lucky 13, the concert is filled with pieces by composers born in 1813 and 1913. The concert will consist of four pieces. Starting off the concert will be “Little Suite [...]

Concert tonight described as a smorgasbord of different pieces

By SABINE GLOCKER   The Oct. 11 Symphony Orchestra concert entitled “Romantic Smorgasbord” is a perfect example of the term smorgasbord. According to, the word means “an extensive array or variety.” Huw Edwards will conduct the group, who will play four pieces. Opening the evening of musical talent will be Samuel Barber’s “First Essay [...]

MGMT’s new album is crap

MGMT’s new album is crap

Indie-rock, junkie masterminds Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have done it again with what is possibly the hottest album of 2013, People Keep Asking For Us To Make Music So Here We Are…Again. The album has attracted attention from critics and fans worldwide, most of them touting its success. In the words of Pitchfork critic [...]