Navigating the world of study abroad: applying to go abroad can often be confusing, but for good reason

One of the appeals for many students at this University and other small liberal arts schools is the opportunity to study abroad at some point during their time here. The topic is widely discussed throughout campus as students leave, return and are excited by the prospects of doing so for some portion of their junior or senior year. In the midst of discussion, Puget Sound’s study abroad program seems to generate a lot of frustration among students on campus. And we have heard the comments and even said some ourselves:...

Media attention skews perception: knowledge of “great tragedy” is often unequally distributed

This past year has brought about many new challenges to our world, one of which is the use of violence in the name of religion and politics on individuals and groups of people. The Jan. 7 attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo killed 17 people and received an astounding amount of media attention. Boko Haram, the terrorist Islamist group based in Nigeria, is known best for the kidnapping of 276 school girls from Chibok, Borno and the very recent attacks in Baga, which left somewhere from 150 to 2000...
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Death Grips

Editors note: The following article is the unabridged version of an article that ran in print on February 20, 2015 entitled "Death Grips."   "Death Grips was and always has been a conceptual art exhibit above and beyond a band." Thus read the soon-to-be-legendary 'breakup napkin' of Sacramento-based music group Death Grips last summer. The note was met with considerable backlash, but this kind of reaction was nothing new to the group, which comprised of drummer Zach Hill, vocalist Stefan Burnett as "(MC) Ride," and producer Andy Morin, known during this...
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