Women, Gaming and the Modern Era

The last couple of decades have seen an incredible increase in gender diversity in the world of gaming. Video games, tabletop games and other forms have created an entertainment subculture with few, if any, barriers to entry for any interested party. Yet, one of the major issues in gaming has stuck around for almost as long as gaming has been in our world: misogyny and gender bias. Male-dominated spaces and the mythical “gamer girl” pervade even in an era where one might be forgiven for thinking that gaming is an...

From the Desk of the Editor

In my three years working for The Trail, I have had the privilege of watching this newspaper in its struggle to grow into a platform for critical change and conversations. I acknowledge that The Trail has struggled with misrepresentation in past issues and plan to implement a variety of solutions to this problem. With the creation of the managing content editor position, consultation of a professional adviser, thorough copy editing and fact checking, we hope to eliminate incidents of misrepresentation in future articles. Looking forward, I encourage the community to...

Iran nuclear deal is a positive shift in policy: negotiation is better than war

by Michael Greenblatt Recent events in world news have been favorable for the U.S. and its place in the global order: a reopening of relations with Cuba, a likely nuclear deal with Iran, a mutual commitment to reduce carbon emissions from the U.S. and China. All of these breakthroughs can be attributed to President Obama’s foreign policy preference for engaging and negotiating with the United States’ foreign adversaries. This is a fundamental distinction from the policies of George W. Bush and leading Republican candidates for president, who advocate isolation and...

Washington must learn from California drought: state must get serious about water conservation

by Michael Greenblatt California is currently facing such an extreme drought that, for the first time in its history, mandatory water restrictions are in place. The problems afflicting California are nothing new, as most of California is desert and routinely struggles with low water supplies. Now, though, the drought is the worst it’s ever been, and California is running out of water altogether. Official estimates of California’s remaining water supply foresee only one or two more years’ worth of water to sustain pre-conservation usage levels. Even though here in Western...

Religious freedom law must be changed: law needs substantial rewrite to eliminate possibility of discrimination

Governor of Indiana Mike Pence recently signed a new religious freedom law that has stirred more controversy around the U.S. than most could have predicted. Opponents say the law would allow business owners in Indiana to turn customers away if the owners felt that the customers were violating their religious freedoms. Specifically, opponents believe the law could allow business owners to turn people away based on someone’s race, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion and other protected classes. From the CEO of Apple, to the head of the NCAA, to Hillary...
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Bleak Outlook

Strange Wilds performing at New Frontier during the Bleak Outlook Music Festival. (PHOTOCOURTESY/MELISSA BIRD)   Every once in a while you meet someone who sees the world as they think it should be and just goes about making it that way without seeming to notice all the obstacles. Brian Skiffington is that sort of guy. Skiffington is the man behind Bleak Outlook, a three-day DIY music festival, which he recently put on pretty much single-handedly, making this the third year running.  This year, the festival was made up of 28...

Society must respect Muslim women’s right to wear a hijab

That peculiar human desire to control what confuses us is steadily gaining in popularity.  We’ve all experienced this feeling at some point—the tendency to result in absolute, merciless tyranny when dealing with train connections, perhaps the occasional bus schedule.  Or, maybe even others’ religious behavior. This has certainly become a favorite among University administrations. About a month ago, Hampton University student Melonna Clarke went through the embarrassing experience of being denied access to a college ID on the premise of what she was wearing. “I went to go get my...
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