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Basic recipe for red Thai chicken curry

This week we’re talking Thai curries. I make Thai curry much the same way I make yellow curry: coconut milk, veggies, curry paste/powder and sometimes chicken or tofu. It mostly depends on the curry flavor I want. For Thai curry, you have the option of either red curry paste or […]


Court may abolish contentious “Twinkie defense”

On Wednesday, April 24, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Metrish v. Lancaster, a murder case from Michigan with potentially massive ramifications in criminal law; more importantly, however, the case asks citizens to engage more meaningfully in how law is made, by whom it is made, and what we […]

KUPS and Northwest Sounds collaborate to host local electronic musicians at Oppenheimer
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KUPS and Northwest Sounds collaborate to host local electronic musicians at Oppenheimer

On April 26, Oppenheimer Café hosted a variety of local musicians from the Pacific Northwest for the Northwest Sounds Concert. The concert, presented by Northwest Sounds and KUPS, featured the artists Natasha Kmeto, DJAO, Ghost Feet, Brownbear and Northern Draw. Natasha Kmeto, a musician based in Portland, Ore., describes her […]


Lacrosse loses in playoffs

Men’s lacrosse experienced quite the midseason turnaround to propel themselves to the playoffs. After being left for dead following an 0-4 start, the team turned it around, winning two crucial conference games to sneak into the PNCLL playoffs for the first time in six years. However, their 2-2 record in […]

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Your hair, your choice

Hair is all over our bodies, whether it’s leg hair, arm hair, head hair, pubic hair, facial hair, nose hair or eyebrows. There are a variety of ways to remove body hair, including waxing, shaving, threading and laser hair removal. Some people remove their body hair, while others do not. […]

The Happy Trail

A handy guide to self exams

Men and women have different sexual needs; the same is true of their sexual health. While taking care of your private parts may seem like a daunting task, with a little bit of information you’ll be well on your way to maintaining a healthy reproductive system inside as well as […]