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Advertisement’s objectification of femininity

On Monday, Oct. 22, Wetlands Magazine screened the film Killing Us Softly 4. The film features Jean Kilbourne and looks at advertisements and how they depict women. Jean Kilbourne has been producing these films and researching the advertisement industry for over 40 years, and she claims that advertisements about women’s […]


Rausch Auditorium in need of repair

Rausch Auditorium, housed in the basement of McIntyre Hall, is used by students and professors alike for such events as movie showings, comedy sketch shows and theater productions. But while the screen makes showing movies a simple process, the Theatre Arts community has spoken up about the outdated and impractical […]

Professor Spotlight: Art History’s Prof. Kotsis
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Professor Spotlight: Art History’s Prof. Kotsis

In what was my first time in the Art building, I was lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Art History Professor Kriszta Kotsis, about how she came to Puget Sound, her scholarship outside the classroom and how she spends her free time. Where are you from originally? A […]

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Freshmen Begin To Suspect They’re Not In Seattle

A growing concern of the freshman class this year is in regards to their geographical frustration of living in Seattle. Several do not understand why their expectations of living in such a large city are failing them so dramatically. The Campus Visit Program is not commenting on allegations made by […]


Making the choice

  The final presidential debate held on Monday, Oct. 22 offered insight into the election beyond the candidates’ ideas on foreign policy. The focus of this debate was foreign policy; however, the candidates frequently reverted to a discussion of domestic, specifically economic, matters. The tendency of the debate to stray […]

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Is America ready for a Mormon President?

In a matter of a few weeks, we’ll have a new president or a president entering his second term. I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of the Mormon religion is limited, but I’ll also be the first to admit that my religious tolerance is high. Don’t get […]