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Prof. Ostrom’s film

Puget Sound professor Hans Ostrom will soon break into Hollywood with Napa, the film adaptation of his mystery novel Three to Get Ready, which begins filming this week. Napa stars Rose McGowan (best known for her roles in Grindhouse and Charmed) as Scarlett Harding, a Napa, Calif. native who begins […]

The Seattle cast bows after a moving performance of the multilingual piece.

Seattle Opera presents a masterful ‘Carmen’

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, Seattle Opera performed “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. “Carmen” was Bizet’s final opera, and at his time of death it had been almost universally panned by critics. Fortunately for audiences everywhere, “Carmen” eventually reversed its reputation and went on to become one of the most famous and […]


Inheritance wraps up

Following the wake of an enormous, international success with his first book, Eragon, fantasy author Christopher Paolini has struggled to maintain the hype for the remaining three books of his series. Having written the first draft of Eragon at the tender age of 15, Paolini’s genius seems irreproachable, although many […]

A slight change of scenery can help add excitement to sex outside of the traditional bedroom space.
The Happy Trail

Gettin’ down on the town: exploring options beyond the bedroom

When engaging in bedroom activities, we generally  think of things going down in a bed in a bedroom. However, our tuition dollars are going to maintaining this beautiful campus and there are a variety of different ways to fully enjoy it. It’s always great to add fresh air and a […]

The website allows college students to doodle despite overwhelming workloads.

An addictive online Pictionary

The rules are simple: everyone gets a piece of paper. At the top of the page, you draw a small picture. When everyone’s done, pass to the left. Beneath the drawing passed to you, write a descriptive caption. Fold down the original drawing, then pass it on. This game, essentially […]