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Combat Zone

Tumblr slacktivism surprises haters with real results

Following recent events of late, students have taken to social media with the fervor and knowledge that they can solve every problem imaginable with the properly crafted Tumblr post or social media action. It is now possible to solve sexism through Twitter, environmental destruction through Facebook, bullying through Yik Yak and poverty through Instagram. People also will soon be able to solve homelessness through Snapchat. The possibilities are endless, which has ensured that various other companies have jumped on this ever-wonderful bandwagon. On Dec. 2, entitled #GivingTuesday, Macy’s, CVS and...
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Doll modeled after plastic surgery patient sparks outcry

This coming Saturday, the first annual Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Patients Against Discrimination Awareness Fundraiser (CSPADAF) will be held at the Tacoma Dome by the Americans Against Discrimination Association (AADA) in order to raise awareness about the discrimination that those who have undergone cosmetic plastic surgery experience in the United States. The fundraiser looks to raise money in order to provide 24/7 support lines for those who have been through the transformative process and have faced criticism and discrimination for their choices, and to make it possible for the Association to...
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School over-waters grass; sticks it to Californians

As California’s drought worsens, Puget Sound has decided to take action in response to the severity of the environmental disaster. Unfortunately for California, the University has decided to gloat their abundance of the precious resource, instead of instituting any beneficial measures toward conservation. Students may have noticed the first step in the school’s boasting began with the abuse of the sprinkler system-- often irrigating the lawns while it is already raining in order to display their dominance over California. Most believe the source of this behavior stems from the large...
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Waffle-selling student savior mourned by dorm

For the past few weeks, our school has been on the brink of utter annihilation. We have been in a dark time, without hope to guide us on. We almost had a movement that had emerged from the shadows to lead us to the light (it was basically the work of a modern day Jesus TBH #blessed). We had finally discovered the movement that could save us, and it was called WannaWaffle UPS. It would have been a waffle delivery service operated out of a student’s dorm. I know, great...
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DJ ousted for hit jam

This past Tuesday, college radio station first-year DJ, DJ J.D., boldly played a Billboard Top 1000 song during his radio show. Much to his surprise, the DJ community swiftly cancelled his show and excused him from the station. “It was an abomination,” sophomore DJ Barely Barley said. “That song is trash, utter trash. Doesn’t he read any music blogs?” In a statement from DJ J.D., he reported never having been on SoundCloud and did not have even one music blog bookmarked on his computer. “I really like that song, actually,”...
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Having car makes student way more attractive; peers swoon

First-year student Richie Basehart is Puget Sound’s newest Big Man on Campus (BMOC). “I have all the friends I could ever want,” Basehart said. He added, mock-blushing, “and all the ladies too.” “I’ve never been this popular,” he continued. Basehart described himself as friendly, charming, attractive and funny. “I already won the genetic lottery physically, but it’s my personality that really attracts people,” he said. “I always tell people, ‘If you had my personality and your looks, it’d be a slam dunk!’ And that’s a compliment!” Basehart owns a dependable,...
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